Your Guide to the world of Chatbots!

  If you’ve ever used a customer live chat service, you would have probably experienced that vague, dissembling suspicion that the “person” you’re chatting with might actually be a robot.

The chatbot is an artificial intelligence that conducts a conversation with human beings either in voice-enabled module or texts. Recently, the chatbot has become crowd-pleasing due to the advancement of technologies and machine learning. It helps in establishing and strengthening the business brands and rendering the best customer service.

What is chatbot exactly?

There is no need for over complicated sentences or basket full of words to explain this “A chatbot is nothing but a friendly user- interface which automates tasks through chatting with the user.”

Simple as that,

Chatbot intelligently shoots one question at a time and if needed, reconnects or passes the chat to the human being when it fails to solve the problem or a query raised by the users.

Today, some of the chatbots are powered with AI mechanics, which assists them to resolve the issues, sends personalized text messages and nurtures the interconnection overtime.

How chatbots learn?

Data can come from various corners that include queries from customer-facing staff to help with chat scripts, call logs, email accounts, and other written resources. Public resources from governments will have open-source data to work on!

These data can be converted into a structured form that a chatbot can learn from. For a typical chatbot, developers will focus on training to most frequently asked questions at first and give common answers to it. Writing and feeding down a process or decision may sound like a cold fusion, but until today it is the simplest way to train a bot.

Natural Language Processing(NLP), you rock! However, things got a lot easier when a Chatbot trains itself using NLP. This advanced technology may sound scary, but they are as easy just like cloud emails or office suite. Businesses have to just feed data,it automates chatbots to work as described in the script.

Key Pointers:

  • Train your bot, to recognize the user’s questions.
  • Create answers for a broad range of essentials concepts.
  • Think & add up many questions on the same topics.

Is Answering Bot the right solution for your business?

If your business keeps getting the same queries over and over again, and you are striving to come up with new ways to meet out questionnaires then the bot is likely to be your good friend. It can do a self-analysis of your conversation history with the customers and can identify common questions and answer something different from your previous ones.

Why chatbots are the future of Customer service:

Bots are always there for customers!

The modern customer is everywhere.E-mails, reminders,  notifications, social media chat platforms and so on, marketers need to be present on diverse platforms in order to offer an extensive user experience. Chatbots are able to provide a seamless user experience across platforms to support marketers to prepare for micro-targeted offerings.

Enhanced Interactivity

Chatbots have moved away from the days of binary conversations to understanding, not just audio or typed word, but analyze the context of its usage. The advancements in Natural Language Processing technology has extended bots to conduct almost like a human-like conversations. They can even be assigned a personality that fits with the need of the brand while nurturing the user experience.

Handling large-volume of Queries with ease!

Businesses may experience a sudden blow in query generation and handling such massive queries using human intelligence will involve immense investments, training, and resource allocation purposes. Using Chatbots marketers can handle a large volume of queries and engage uniform real-time user experience.

Maganatizes new-audience!

Moving beyond the user engagement with text messages, Chatbots can make cold calls and respond eloquently. Within a blink of time, it could attract first-generation internet users delivering the benefits of the internet with language being a hindrance to connect.

Popular Chatbots in the town!

Google assistants: A chatbot for the androids! It helps, suggests its customers through chatting and voice memos!

Disha: A chatbot of IRCTC, India. It assists customers in tracking train, booking, and cancellations of train tickets.

Axis Aha: A chatbot of Axis bank, India. Customers can call out “Axis Aha” and it will answer the queries and will take up the tasks, on behalf of the bank staff.

Words of conclusion,

In this context, we have tried to share a glimpse of chatbots along with the blend of today’s trends. Chatbots are everywhere now, according to technical experts every human using smart devices or running a corporates gets in touch with these bots at least once a day!

We are excited to hear your encounters with chatbots! 

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