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Top 5 Reasons to Use NoSQL

In the recent era, NoSQL has come out of existence. Numerous IT shops are as yet assessing moving from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005, significantly less these non-social databases. Many individuals don’t comprehend what they would utilize a NoSQL database for. Does it replace the RDBMS?

Why not we go deep into the conversation?


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The best thing to consider adding a NoSQL database to your corporate framework is that numerous NoSQL databases are used for performing different queries. Developers can make use of the same queries. Commonly this will be some variety of MapReduce queries, but on the other hand, you can also use Pig or Hive. MapReduce is a method for saying “SELECT and  GROUP BY”.

Rapid Development

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Everyone here wants their application to have a quick access with a set of features is included.NoSQL databases allow one to make easy changes over the data stored. Large changes in data can be done by using simple refactoring and batch processing rather than complex migration scripts and outages and it becomes simple to make offline changes in the cluster and to add it as a new master server.

Analyzing Multi-Structured Data

NoSQL provides you a platform to use multi-structured data while SQL restricts with using structured data. Added Unstructured data is growing fast when compared to structured data.

Lowers the operational costs

NoSQL databases come up with sophisticated features using different management tools. It reduces the cost of the hardware and additionally frees up space in the data center for other applications and servers. The interesting fact is that NoSQL requires 70 percent less expensive to build and run when compared to Oracle database. These savings can be used in terms of investments in the business.

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Reduces risk

Due to the drastically reduced risk comparing to SQL databases, large enterprises are now replacing their existing relational databases with NoSQL to gain efficiency and accelerate innovation. In addition, new applications are often built with a NoSQL-first strategy that makes the product to come up with quality and productivity.

Final Word

Today, a few vast endeavors have changed their surroundings by running real parts of their business over a NoSQL database that gives a tremendous outcome in their business.

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