Oracle Deployment Services

Oracle Application Express (APEX) with Oracle Database 10g, 11g Servers, is a low-code development platform that enables developers to build stunning, scalable, secure apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere. With capabilities like this, Oracle APEX has become the very popular offering from Oracle Database for application development.

At Sumanas technologies we have dedicated server admins specializing in

Planning & installing APEX over PL/SQL gateway or Oracle HTTP Server.

Upgrade the instance to the current version 3.2 and create Oracle Application Express 3.2 database objects in a new schema and migrate the application metadata to the new version.

Set-up APEX Runtime Environment for testing and production instances.

Oracle Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to support integration between APEX and earlier versions of Oracle Database 10g.

Enable Network Services in Oracle Database 11g while running APEX.

Configure SSL to ensure that passwords and other sensitive data are not transmitted in clear text in the HTTP request.

Create Workspace virtual private database, to allow multiple users.