Myths on Edge Computing :Demolished!

 Is edge computing the same as IoT? Is edge computing a cloud killer?As edge computing becomes more unavoidable these days, it is important to clear the myths and gossip in the air!

What is edge computing and why does it even matter?

The definition of edge computing varies leaders to leaders, here comes the most basic one..,

It is a method to process data near the edge of the network, where data is being generated, instead of in a centralized data processing warehouse

Edge computing is a distributed, open-source IT architecture which features with decentralizing data processing powers which enables to access mobile computing and  Internet of Things (IoT) technologies; with edge computing techniques we can process data on our device by local computer or server rather than being transmitted to a data center.

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Edge computing stationing is ideal in a variety of circumstances!
Here we present an example of an edge computing deployment: An oil machinery in the deep ocean that has thousands number of sensors which produces huge amounts of data, most of which could be insignificant; perhaps it is data that signs that systems are working perfectly.
All the data produced by the sensors don’t necessarily need to be sent over a network as soon as its generated; so instead, the local edge computing system collects the data and pass daily reports to the main data center or a cloud for permanent storage. By only sending essential data through the network, the edge computing system reduces the data traversing the network.

Edge computing Security is insane!

Some experts state that security is theoretically better in an edge computing environment because it stays closer to where it was generated and all the data is not travelling over a network, and it sends fewer data to a corporate data center or cloud environment, it is least vulnerable in nature.

Edge computing is a cloud killer!

People, these days argue that Cloud computing isn’t going anywhere. Some experts state in the near future edge computing may eat cloud computing. But in reality, cloud and edge computing are complementary technologies to enhance business operations.

Edge computing & IoT are the same!

The edge does not equal to IoT: IoT is a stipulated set of solutions that involve in connecting devices with sensors, while Edge computing strives IoT solutions to be more responsive and less costly for operations.

Real-time decision-making is the only benefit!

When businesses, put you to make decisions at a faster phase, edge computing can definitely serve as a solution to solve issues like bandwidth issues, networking operation costs, intermittent or non-existent connectivity.

Edge computing contributes nothing to expansions!

By partnering with local edge computing data service centers, companies can easily find a desirable market, without investing in expensive expansions. Edge data centers provide services to end-users efficiently with little physical distance and discontinuation. This exceptionally supports valuable content (data) providers who are assigned to deliver uninterrupted streaming services.

Edge computing is unreliable!

With IoT connected edge computing devices and edge data centers are positioned closer to end-users, there are the least chances for network problems in distant locations affecting local customers. Even in the culture of nearby data centers outage IoT edge computing devices will continue to operate effectively on their own because they handle vital processing functions natively.

Edge computing is not for my business!

Edge computing is used in various industries like IT & telecommunication sectors, manufacturing and healthcare. The real-time computing and storage capacity offered by edge computing tools enables us to deliver reliable services in no time. The decision-making process gets enhanced as delay and network failures are avoided.

However, as we see more compute, storage, and analytic capabilities in smaller devices, these powerful edge computing devices are poised to give industries the ability to figure out more value from machine-driven data.

Edge computing is a concept, which has been around for years!

Let us set it on tracks to enhance our business operations!

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