Magento 2.0:You Can’t Resist the drift!

Magento powers around 12 percent of the world’s eCommerce sites — and a great number of those users are at a crossroads:

Should we go through the process of migrating to Magento 2, or should we explore pastures-new?

If you run an online business, then the chances are that you have heard of Magento or maybe one, who already using it for your trade. Similarly, if you are a consumer then chances are there you would have purchased at an online store running on the Magento platform.

First things first! What is Magento 2.0?

A dedicated open source e-commerce platform that comes with absolute flexibility over the shopping cart, as well as provides complete control over functions: Authentications,out-looks of the online store.

It owns a wide parade of tools and features to help in building efficient e-commerce websites.

There are three separate editions of Magento 2.0:

Magento 2.0-Open Source: 

It comes for free of cost, which suits the Startups or Small-medium businesses exceptionally.

Magento 2.0-Enterprise Edition:

Premium edition, a perfect fit for Medium and Large scale businesses, that comes down with extensive features like enterprise management tools and marketing variables.

Enterprise Cloud Edition:

This version has an add-on option, which eliminates the need for self-hosting using the SaaS and relatively expensive which makes it less preferable in the market.

Let’s buckle up & dive in to grasp some more content on Magento 2.0..,

Why should we migrate to Magento 2.0?

Performance & Scalability:

Magento 2 comes with an upgraded indexer that helps to enhance its query performance speed. The strategy of indexing is to convert business data into various fields, such as Users, Stores, locations, prices etc by creating index tables and updates to it regularly which could be easily extracted when the business requires.

Checkout Process:

Check out process a constant factor, which determines the sales and customer experience on the site. Magento 2 comes with a two-step process: Review & Payment; Shipping details.It.also considers visitors as guests which eliminate the login or registration procedure, makes it user-friendly and comes with a dynamic shipping rate (ie) country, state, location accordingly one can integrate payment in a go.

Easy to Upgrade :

If you own online business, you need software that makes upgrading easy. Because bug keeps coming daily which needs to be resolved by upgrading to a new version of the built software. When yours can be upgraded easily, you may encounter security issues and could be exploited. It could slow down your sales and people might break into your system.

Extensions for integrations:

Magento2 helps you to carry out important activities for your online store by enhancing features and functionalities in one stroke,it includes customizing and personalizing your e-store as you want. It allows businesses to integrate with payment gates like Braintree,Paypal etc and customers can their payment options from it which boosts sales.

Instant purchase:

This service helps customers to place orders quickly and comfortably without undergoing the usual checkout process. When customers visit the online site to make purchases and they click on the Instant purchase tab which appears on the chosen product page, immediately it redirects to a confirmation page followed by the details of the shipment. It provides customers a bigger satisfaction compared to longer procedures.

Email marketing automation:

Magento2 has popped out with a  new feature (ie) dotmailer email marketing automation. It allows traders to create a campaign in minutes. One can create automated campaigns via emails, SMS, Push and other channels and manage direct emails of your e-commerce. This, the toolset is easy to use and additionally they provide personal assistance.


This is a key feature for success in e-commerce. Magento 2 gives froth twenty different reports through its web interface. It gives insights into three main critical areas, namely orders( No of orders, payments, taxes, shipment fee details), products( Products ordered, canceled, sold) and customers(No of users registered) and gets updated periodically.It helps in maintaining data and metrics, which supports building business management.

Magento 2 still holds so many features to run your business passively without a downfall, above discussed ones are just a few  essentials which would help you to have a successful lookout;

One-Line facts on Magento :

  • Magento powers, up 1.2% of the internet.
  • 2,50,000 online stores run in Magento’s platform.
  • It has one thousand plus themes and extensions.
  • Two lakhs, Magento developers are found around the World.
  • Magenta has 1500 and plus global partners,across.
  • Daily 5000 new ones are downloaded, purchased too!

Get a head start on learning Magento 2!

Be prepared to work with the product enhancements and features that are offered in this new technology.

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