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Know the desirable features in Angular JS 6

Angular JS has been ruling the world with its professional features. With 6 versions being released till now, it has seen high improvements and with its major update. Angular 6, the last updated version which got released in October 2k18, makes the user easier and simpler to use!

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute”!!! This is what Angular JS exactly does. Angular JS renders top-quality features which make the user trouble-free to use.

In this article, we have listed out the top features of Angular JS version 6!

  • Angular Elements
    Angular Elements - Sumanastech

    • Single Page Applications: If you need them, Angular can be a perfect choice by just creating a  widget to the existing web page.
    • Web Component: This is possible by creating an Angular component and publish it as a Web Component, which can be used in any HTML page.
  • Ivy Renderer
    • Enhancement: Ivy which is a new backwards -compatible Angular focuses on speed improvement, size reduction, and increased flexibility.
    • Reduced Code Size: Gzipps the code that would reduce the size of the code and make the compilation faster.

Ivy Renderer - Sumanastech

  • Closure Compiler
    • Furl Optimizer: This high-end compiler generates smaller bundles and does a great job in dead code elimination when compared to Webpack and Rollup bundlers.
  • Bazel Compiler:
    • Make Changes whenever needed: It doesn’t make sense to rebuild the whole application for each and every little change. Instead, we should only rebuild code that actually changed, and code that depends on those changes.
  • Component Dev Kit
    • Responsive Web Design layouts: It eliminates the need for using libraries like Flex Layout or learning CSS Grid.
  • Service Workers
    • Bug Fixes: This script which is running in the web browser fixes all the bugs which is one of the greatest features.
  • Schematics
    • Artifacts: Angular CLI generates Angular artifacts using the technology called Schematics. This works perfectly when you decide to create your own template.

Final Thoughts

Group Angular is buckling down for the more current rendition of precise and it would be a noteworthy refresh. Angular 6 RC stage has started. Angular 6 stable adaptation ought to be discharged quite soon. According to the official calendar, Angular 6 will be discharged in the mid-April 2018. Angular 6 proceeds with an accentuation on being littler, quicker and less demanding to utilize enhanced the Web Development as it were.

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