Hibernate Development Services

Sumanas Technologies has accumulated a treasury of first rated practices in Java development which in turn supports delivery of the product with superior performance, both in terms of development and runtime performance. Coming to the Java platform, we brainstorm on the specific client requirement to suggest a suitable framework that will get the job done.
Hibernate is a free open source gives you the benefits of portability and maintainability.

Why go in for Hibernate?

Database Independent

Hibernate is designed in such a way that it supports all types of Database such as Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, etc. This is achieved by a parameter called “Database Dialect” which makes it compatible.

Dual Layer Caching

Hibernate supports first level and second level caching mechanisms. This feature makes Hibernate extremely scalable and optimizes the application’s performance.


Hibernate is highly scalable. It adapts itself in any environment. It may be an intranet application with few hundreds of users or a very large application with many thousands of users.