Enterprise Resource Planning

Picking the right ERP for your business is what sets the path for further potential growth. Sumanas Technologies gives you a virtual insight into the fact that a good ERP system helps nurtures the very processes of your business. Our ERP services give you a multidimensional view into the many aspects of your business thereby fitting in the right monitoring system at every stage of progress.



Oracle ERP Cloud


Tally ERP 9


Epesi ERP


Integration of data

Integration of data at the enterprise level supports better decision making with greater visibility of information migrated across at different levels of execution. ERP systems also help with tracking of inventory and financial aspects of the business which are crucial factors that contribute to cost-cutting and profit multiplication.

Our ERP services are directly aimed at giving business the cost advantage and ease of managing processes much efficiently. Being technologically centered, we knowledge share and offer training on the usage of these systems to help you smoothly find your way in and around the ERP software.