e-CRM : Everything you need to know!

This article precisely speaks on tools of e-CRM which are readily accessible ones that keeps trending more than a year long!

Let’s get a picture of what e-CRM is before jumping into tools…

e-CRM is one of a kind, which aids in attracting, handling and retaining customers. An e-CRM strategy defines the goals for your CRM or social CRM program and then creates a roadmap of the changes to the process, tools, and the team needed to make it a reality.

Electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) connects Web channels into the overall enterprise CRM strategy to drive all channels related to sales, customer service, and marketing initiatives. It can establish a seamless customer experience and maximize customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and revenue towards the product or service.

eCRM is a web-based technology, which cost- productively captivates a global audience in no time.

E-CRM let on businesses to build more beneficial customer relationships along with decreasing operating costs.

Let’s take a look on dupler sides of each tools to use it better & to dismantle it: if not needed!


Zoho CRM helps you to manage your business and clients when you are in a move!


  • It automizes, day to day sales tasks, converts website visitors into valuable leads and imports further leads from various other party resources including Emails, trade shows, etc..
  • It accurately forecasts revenue, establishes and timely modifies sales quotas, examines individual & team performance and predicts customizable forecast reports.
  • The entire information fed in CRM are organized and displayed, so one can easily figure out inactive leads and turn them into prospective customers.


  • Limitations to email access (ie) only businesses can send only 1000 emails a day. It, restricts to reach a bigger audience in a single day.
  • It sometimes emits bugs & it can be fixed after updating the software.

Hubspot CRM:

Hubspot, it clearly showcases your Sales portfolio in a one-shot and it’s absolutely free to use!


  • It helps to close more deals with less work involved because it tracks and maintains every aspect of the sales pipeline.
  • It’s one of the top free CRM, in which businesses can enjoy millions of contacts, users and unlimited storage and could access it from anywhere in the World.
  • It aids to personalize your sequences, requests and queue up emails for delivery schedules, creating beautiful customized templates for customers’ attractions.


  • Organizations with complex sales process patterns will find Hubspot CRM as a relatively inflexible one to put in use due to lesser customizable features.
  • Hubspot is relatively a newbie, established businesses will find that it isn’t advanced enough to run the race.

Salesforce Essentials:

Salesforce dominates larger portion of the market, with its unique services that include lead management, client & partner management so on…


  • It automatically pulls data from business emails, chats, social platforms and gets a 360-degree view of every lead, customer and your entire business status.
  • It provides exceptional sales collaboration modules along with sales performance, which provokes healthy competitiveness among sales reps in teams.
  • The visual framework helps to drag & droop businesses ideas with ease in customizable templates,it also allows you to track deals, discounts, team interactions, etc..


  • Let it be big or a small business, everything runs on a budget-adapting Salesforce Essential CRM would be expensive.
  • It is comparatively slow when comes to connecting search engine keywords with correct leads.

Pipedrive CRM:

Pipedrive CRM builds healthy and a long-lasting customer relationship with complete visibility in every deal , comes down in business.


  • It gathers customer information in a customizable web forms,which directly appears on the user’s website and keeps targeting on frequent intervals-a simplified way for lead generation.
  • It is a collaborative system, which allows modifying the sales pipeline according to different specific business needs.
  • It is fully optimized for mobile usages, it automatically synchronizes and backs up the data in real-time.


  • It lacks essentially when it comes to integration and generating custom reports.
    (Eg No outlook integration).

It does not have an internal platform for emails and the mobile app not a good fit as a web browser.


It focuses effectively on managing web-based customer relationships to enhance business profits in the near future.


  • It can easily dig out information and has a module configuration adaption, it can be used from customer management till inventory management.
  • It has rich service facilities, it offers integrated billing, work schedule-order management, claims, etc..
  • It is easy to configure with the third party applications and quick to adapt in a shorter span of time.


  • It may be a complex for Small & Medium Enterprises to afford, adopt & enact.
  • It is not fully a cloud-based platform and it’s a little expensive.


Infusionsoft is a good piece of software with wonderful features to captivate customers.


  • It is a one-stop platform, which covers all e-commerce, CRM & marketing automation needs.
  • It provides a quality and supportive training along with a handful of resources, to aid the user to utilize the software to its fullest.
  • It has a simple universal tracking facility that includes every action, purchase of a single contact you have fed in your database.


  • It, provides excessive features, which might become confusing and unwanted at times in business.
  • It is not an industry-specific and charges additionally for every addon to services, which makes it over cost for purchase.

Oracle CRM:

Oracle CRM offers a widest and deepest that supports organizations to drive their credibility with customers in a fruitful way.


  • The pricing is a perfect fit, you can choose & pay to the services that fit your business right-pick a tool & pay!
  • It provides worry-free high-end security services and world-class tools, which supports magically.
  • It gives out trendy features, for managing & targeting profitable customers according to business requirements.


  • The access to social media platforms falls behind compared to other e-CRMs.
  • Its availability is limited to devices and seems too inaccessible to all other users.Eg(Android).

In recent times, managing customer relationships, establishing brand recognition and getting new customers are a big challenge.e-CRM would make any business evolve better, in a shorter span!

There are many & more e-CRMs are available in the market,we picked out the most used ones here. We wish to know your views on e-CRM techniques and which one is a perfect fit for you!

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