Django CMS development services

A high-end Python Framework that empowers smooth development and logical execution of design in a hassle-free environment. Django is designed to take your application from inception to completion at lightning fast speeds. It is one framework that takes security pretty much seriously and reassuringly reliable. With the Django CMS, it’s incredibly easy to build simple to complex applications with extreme precision.
It offers multi-site management, social media management, extensive search tools, and quick customization benefits in comparison to other popular content management systems.

With Sumanas Technologies you get an insight into the many dimensions of this immensely versatile CMS.

Sumanas Technologies’ Django CMS services include:
  • Django e-commerce application development.
  • Django template and UI design.
  • Social authentications and 3rd party API integrations.
  • SEO and search implementation.
  • Restful API development and performance fine-tuning.