Cloud Application development

Cloud revolution has enabled sustainability in the rapidly changing business environment. Accessing applications securely from almost anywhere, anytime has been made possible by the cloud.

Our Cloud applications are widely preferred for supporting:

Faster development and deployment of applications.

Refined and simplified operations with infrastructure management outsourcing.

Capacity adjustment based on demand ensuring scalability.

Improved security and controlled data sharing.

Cost cutting due to lower operational overheads and economical maintenance.

Sumanas Technologies showcases expertise and a plethora of services which have resulted in successful cloud transformations across diverse technologies. We have helped businesses fly the ‘Cloud’ with increased mobility and track improvement of 20% in business scalability.

Sumanas Technologies gives you a crystal clear insight of the Cloud ecosystem and leverage its capabilities to your business advantage. We mentor you on the cloud transformation strategies to help you evolve with the dynamics of the cloud technology and grow with the opportunities offered by Cloud!