5G : From blueprint to reality!

5G has become the spell of the internet and it’s not surprising why! 5G is a fifth-generation wireless mobile network broadband which promises to offer more speed and low latency. It is estimated that 5G would bring in 20 million new jobs and possibly contribute a $12.5 trillion economic benefit across the world in a … Continue reading “5G : From blueprint to reality!”


The Whats and Whys of IoT!

The most dynamic and fascinating developments in information and communications technology are the invasion of the Internet of Things (IoT). Even Though networking technologies have become increasingly universal over the past decades, until now recently they have largely been restricted to connecting traditional end-user devices, such as desktop and laptop computers, and, more recently, smartphones … Continue reading “The Whats and Whys of IoT!”


Step by Step Guide for SSL Installation in Apache2 Web Server

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is a standard security protocol which has the primary responsibility of establishing the encrypted links between the web server and browser for online communication. SSL certificates have a key pair: a public key and a private key. These couple of keys work together to establish an encrypted connection. Added, the … Continue reading “Step by Step Guide for SSL Installation in Apache2 Web Server”