Why your organisation needs to have a Mobile CRM strategy in place!

What is Mobile CRM? CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a method of managing your business with the customer’s data through mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets.  Acquiring a mobile CRM strategy allows you to connect with the sales team on customer statistics to build positive relationships. In Today’s global technology, they are several  CRM … Continue reading “Why your organisation needs to have a Mobile CRM strategy in place!”



Today’s technology web development is playing an imperative role in every aspect of the business. Artificial intelligence is refurbishing web design and development with AI spreading across the world and penetrating into businesses of all sizes.  According to AI experts, the revenue generated by AI is expected to reach $125 Billion in 2025. Contribution of … Continue reading “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND WEB DEVELOPMENT”


Everything you need to know about Enterprise Blockchain

1. What is Enterprise Blockchain? Enterprise blockchain is a blockchain network that can be assimilated and manipulated for enterprise resources. These technologies deal with the Enterprise level of the organization. In the Corporate environment, blockchain technology is booming. In the upcoming years, Modern ventures will soon dominate this sector. The Enterprise blockchain platform will break … Continue reading “Everything you need to know about Enterprise Blockchain”


The Consensus algorithms in Blockchain!

What is Blockchain Technology?   As we all know, Blockchain is a chain of blocks that connects information securely by generating “Hash” for every single transaction made by the registered user. These hashes aids in identifying a block and all its contents are always unique; just as a fingerprint. They have an interesting property, once … Continue reading “The Consensus algorithms in Blockchain!”


The Essential Guide to Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an innovative extension of computer science that emphasizes in the creation of intelligent machines that work, perform and respond like humans.AI is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the technology industry.  Techopedia explains … Continue reading “The Essential Guide to Artificial Intelligence!”


Android Vs iOS: Which is the best?

Developing an application is a challenging and a soaring task. Deciding whether to build a business application on Android or iOS is a sky-high mystery to solve! Five key essentials stand ahead while choosing the platform: —Your Target Audience. –Application’s creation & Maintenance budget. –Desired Features of your application. –Your Project’s Timeline. –Of course! Your … Continue reading “Android Vs iOS: Which is the best?”


Ruby on Rails: What makes it so popular?

Some may think, why the corporates choose to adopt Ruby on Rails to develop web applications instead of engaging other web frameworks and languages. There are many reasons stand ahead, but before we get into the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages, Let’s get to know what is “Ruby on Rails”? Ruby on Rails is … Continue reading “Ruby on Rails: What makes it so popular?”


Angular JS Vs Node JS: Choose the better fit!

What is AngularJS?       AngularJS is an open-source framework for developing front-end web applications based on Java scripts. It allows developers to use HTML template language and lets HTML syntax to express the application’s components briefly but precisely. It is a featured JavaScript framework, with the dominant goal of simplification. It offers support in developing … Continue reading “Angular JS Vs Node JS: Choose the better fit!”


 Your Guide to the world of Chatbots!

  If you’ve ever used a customer live chat service, you would have probably experienced that vague, dissembling suspicion that the “person” you’re chatting with might actually be a robot. The chatbot is an artificial intelligence that conducts a conversation with human beings either in voice-enabled module or texts. Recently, the chatbot has become crowd-pleasing due … Continue reading ” Your Guide to the world of Chatbots!”


5G : From blueprint to reality!

5G has become the spell of the internet and it’s not surprising why! 5G is a fifth-generation wireless mobile network broadband which promises to offer more speed and low latency. It is estimated that 5G would bring in 20 million new jobs and possibly contribute a $12.5 trillion economic benefit across the world in a … Continue reading “5G : From blueprint to reality!”