Android Vs iOS: Which is the best?

Developing an application is a challenging and a soaring task. Deciding whether to build a business application on Android or iOS is a sky-high mystery to solve!

Five key essentials stand ahead while choosing the platform:

Your Target Audience.

–Application’s creation & Maintenance budget.

–Desired Features of your application.

–Your Project’s Timeline.

–Of course! Your Revenue Goal.

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We have compiled an article on these factors, to help you choose the best platform for your desired application development.

To build a mobile’s technology, such as smartphones and tablets the most commonly used operating systems are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS across the Globe. Android, which is Linux-based  Operating system and partially an open-source platform, is more a system-like than iOS, in that its interface and basic features are generally more flexible from top to the bottom. However, iOS’  reliable design elements are sometimes seen as being more befitting to use.

One should choose the developing platform carefully as switching from iOS to Android or vice versa will require you to buy codes and apps again in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Android is now the world’s most generally used smartphone platform and is used by many different phone manufacturers. Apple devices such as the iPhones,iPad are built only on iOs platforms.

Android Vs iOS: The Basics!

Android is developed by Google. It sticks its own pixel-flavored version on its pixel phones and let likes the Samsung, LG, Huawei, and others add their own skins on top of their own hardware.

iOS is an operating system fixed in the iPhone,iPad, Macbook and iPod touch. It is developed in tandem with the hardware. So, Apple doesn’t have to worry about making a code fit a hundred different devices from a dozen different manufacturers.

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On the bottom line, they both are very similar. They both are very similar. Both the operating system let us make calls, send messages, take photos and function with hundreds of applications to call, chat, watch videos, manage your calendar, feed news across the globe and so on..,

They have imitated a lot from each other down the years-like issues that used to differentiate from the android phones from iPhones like widgets, screens, notifications, etc..

Android Vs iOS: The Hardware:

The biggest advantage of android is that you have got so many choices to choose from. If android is your choice then you’ve got a lot of manufacturers and models vying for your business.

With the iPhone and iOS, you’ve got a range which is branched in two – on the one hand, there’s the iPhone 7 and 8 (with the Plus variants of each of those models) with the traditional home button. 

Android Vs iOS: The Features:

As we all know, much of the features are the same between Android and iOS. We can’t delve into every little detail but broadly speaking there are a few key differences to know about.

Android is more customizable — if you don’t like the default SMS app or web browser, you can change it. You can slap widgets on the home screen and leave gaps in the rows of icons. Developers can fully transform Android with a launcher app and we can’t do the same with Apple’s iPhone.

The iPhone and iOS, on the other hand, tend to offer a more polished, secure experience – they don’t suffer the same slowdowns and security issues as Android can sometimes (but not always) be prone to.

But both are going to do a fine job of running your smartphone: there aren’t any killer, must-have features that you’ll find on one but not the other.

Interesting Facts on Android:

The term “Android” means a human with a male robot appearance.

Android OS is built and released in alphabetical order: Astro, Bender, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream sandwich, Jellybean, Kitkat, Lolipop, Marshmellow, Nugget, Oreo…

Android has a billion activations on devices including tablets and smartphones!

Interesting Facts on iOS:

So far, Apple has released 13 models of iPhones in just a decade of time!

Apple has sold more than one billion phones, and it has 200 patents in the iOS Operating system.

When Steve Jobs told Scott Forstall to build the iPhone, Jobs said the team could be made up of anyone – except outside employees. Only current Apple employees could be on the project, and Forstall couldn’t tell them what they would be working on. The code name for the project was “Purple”.

Android Vs iOS: Summary!

You can approach the Android vs iOS question from all kinds of angles: the design of the actual phones, the customization options in the software, the number of apps on each platform, and so on and so on. At this stage, there are almost too many comparison points to keep track of.

 The best choice of phone for you is no longer just about the phone — it’s also about how deeply you’re invested in the ecosystems set up by Google and Apple.

Developing an application, using either Android or iOS will benefit in a million ways to the business. The only aspect to be kept in mind is the nature of the business market and its audience!

Either Android or iOS, whichever you choose sticking to one’s ecosystem is a smart idea!

In Sumanas Technologies, we have developed successful application in both the platforms for different arena of businesses.

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