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AI and its Future Impact

Since the discovery of computers, humans are obsessed with the idea of Artificial Intelligence. The fact that machines can interact, respond and think on their own in itself is fascinating.

Each and every year the possibility of Artificial Intelligence, in reality, is reaching for the skies. Since the subdomains such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing are improving at a lightning-fast rate the scope for innovation remains at large.

According to a recent survey by experts, machines have the capability to replace the jobs soon. Artificial Intelligence paves way for the automation that will produce a large number of job opportunities. By bringing in new tools for business, it may also create new lines of business as well.

A recent study from the Redwood Software states that 60% of business can be automated in the next five years.

AI also helps in doing the jobs better since it reduces the probability of errors.

To make it more clear let us go deep into the discussion!!

Right off the bat, Let us know a few details about Artificial Intelligence that will give a better perspective.

  • Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

The term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined by John McCarthy in the year 1955. In his University, he created an AI Laboratory where he designed a specific computer programming language for Robotics that paved way for the expansion of the Technologies.

“Shakey” the first Robot was designed in 1966 where AI got successful launchpad.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence - Sumanastech

Then comes a couple of anthropomorphic androids WABOT-1 and WABOT-2 from Waseda University in the mid-80’s.

The world has seen four important revolutions in the field of technology. The first revolution happened in 1784 when the first steam engine was introduced. The second one was in 1870 when the electricity was invented. The third one was in the year 1969 when the term information technology came into existence. And Finally, is the revolution of Artificial Intelligence which we are experiencing right now.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence - Sumanastech   There were three broad stages in AI evolution:

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence(ANI).
  • Artificial General Intelligence(AGI).
  • Artificial Super Intelligence(ASI).
  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence is the first stage where it can run any automated task. Adding to this, it is cost effective and doesn’t require any human help as well.
  • The second stage is the biggest achievement of humanity. With the help of AGI, machines will be able to represent themselves as humans and can do the tasks whatever humans are capable of doing.
  • ASI is the last stage of AI predicted by the scientists in which the machines can gain the knowledge more than the human. If we can reach to that point, we will be able to tackle all the mysteries of the universe and can discover everything which is undiscovered till now.
  • Future of AI in Job Market

The biggest rise in the AI happened in the year 2016 when alphaGo, the computer program beat the world’s best “Go” player.

AI in Job Market - Sumanastech                   

It has the greatest scope in the future as with any technology.

Everyone here has heard of Siri and Tesla. They were the game changers here in their respective fields since they were the first ones to produce machines with artificial intelligence. The world is transforming at a great pace with the advent of AI.

We are in the mid of 2018 and artificial intelligence has become a common term everywhere. Soon it will take over the world as well.

It has got some mind-blowing pros such as:

We use artificial intelligence in most of the cases since it helps us in reducing the risk to a major extent. Additionally, it also increases the chance of reaching high accuracy with the greater degree of precision.

In addition to that, AI has some interesting prospects for the future like:

  • Soon all cars running on the road are going to be driver-less. This represents that they will be controlled by AI.
  • All the devices from smartphones to laptops will be supported by AI which means that you don’t have to do any work. Just say it and the AI can do on its own.

Here I have listed out 4 ways in which AI can make a change in the future

  • Taking over dangerous jobs

Taking over dangerous jobs - Sumanastech

Robots have already started taking some hazardous jobs like bomb defusing. BBC claims that they are technically drones, which are being used as the physical equivalent for defusing bombs, which requires human to control them, rather than using AI. Whatever it may be, they have saved thousands of lives by taking up one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Other jobs such as Welding, intense heat, and ear-splitting noise, can now be given to robots in most of the cases. Robot Worx, an official robot marketing industry, says that robotic welding cells are in use already, and have safety features installed to prevent human workers from fumes and other harm.

  • Automation of Transportation

Automation of Transportation - Sumanastech

Currently, we can see Self-driving cars replacing drivers for transportation. In spite of these growths, the technology has not developed seriously. Other transportation methods are also close to full automation, like buses and trains.

  • Determining Climatic changes

Climatic changes - Jujubee Media

Stuart Russell, the famous scientist says that machines have more access to data than one person who could a large number of statistical data. By the use of big data, AI could identify trends, technologies and can make use of that information to come up with solutions to the world’s biggest problems one day.

  • The Threat of unpredictable human activities

We all would have read different science fictions where robots having human abilities to behave like humans but actual the role is to be saviors of human beings.

AI is still in its budding state when considered against the large possibilities it offers for the future humans. We can say that machines will have more similarities to human reasoning abilities but we don’t know how far machines can imitate human intelligence.

unpredictable human activities - Sumanastech


Although we are not sure of the exact future, it can be said that interacting with AI soon will become a daily task. These interactions will definitely help our society to handle all kinds of problems. Beyond these impacts, there are even more ways that AI technology can influence our future.